Mentoring Team

So, you graduated your first 200 hours Teacher Training Program!

Congratulations!! You even have an opportunity to teach a class at a studio! You should be so excited but your anxiety starts kicking in, so you go back to all the pranayama you learned to calm down a little. Transitioning from a teacher training program into teaching is not easy. There are so many things to consider and just having someone to talk through all of that with you can be a huge relief.

Which is why I created the InnerJasmine Mentoring Team.

It is an opportunity for new teachers to have someone to go to with questions and concerns. As well as meet other teachers who are in the same position as they are navigating this new world.

By being apart of the program you receive 1 hour/month dedicated to you and your teacher growth.  Depending on your location it can be in person, or skype. You also receive unlimited phone, call, text time for the month with me. As well as access to the private group on FB to be able to bounce ideas off each other.

Your commitment would cost $50 a month

If you would like more one on one time – that can be arranged individually
Sliding scales or trades – can also be arranged individually

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