Sarah Cunningham Watkin, Teacher Trainee, Corepower Yoga Teacher LCSW, Founder Whole Family, Inc.

Yoga teacher training changed my life. Such a profound claim and few things I’ve experienced have qualified for such a statement. When I tease it apart, I’m able to identify some reasons why; the experience of teaching itself, the application of yoga practice and instruction both on a nd off the mat, and the community. It is this community of wellness minded folk that I know I am profoundly grateful for on a daily basis. One of those people is Katya Sidelnick. When I first met Katya I was immediately struck by her presence. Katya exudes calm, confidence, kindness, and undying patience. During my training she was always someone whom I could reach out to for support, to answer a question or point me in the direction of a resource or reference. For anyone who has done yoga teacher training you know, and for those of you considering embarking on this journey, you will soon discover that feedback is consistently alive and well in the process of becoming and being a yoga instructor. Katya has a gift for providing feedback that is valuable, constructive, and empowering. While participating in her classes, due to Katya’s skillful cuing, I am regularly able to find greater depth or increased balance in the poses. Not only does my practice evolve but my teaching is strengthened as I regularly leave class with one awesome new cue. With all of this in mind and held close to my heart, I am overwhelmingly grateful for the time I’ve spent with Katya and the ongoing impact she has had on my practice, my life, both on and off the mat. Namaste.

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