Abby Goldstein Fly Yoga @ ID Gym – CorePower Yoga management team, TX

I have always had such a great love for the flow of Yoga as well as the beauty of aerial arts, so you can imagine my excitement when I found out that these two worlds have collided: Fly Yoga!! I could not wait to try my first class with Katya! Class began with a familiar Vinyasa Yoga warm up and slowly moved into using the fabric. I was a little hesitant at first, but under the guidance of Katya, I was upside-down before I knew it. Katya gave me the courage to let go of any fears or reservations that I had from only being supported from a hook in the ceiling. After she taught how to get into our first inversion, you had to beg me to come right side up! As a self-proclaimed inversion addict, I have been looking for different ways to help me get upside-down more. I’m not very strong in my inversions during my regular yoga practice, so to have the opportunity to use a prop such as the fabric in Fly Yoga; I’m able to get upside-down long enough to get all of the soothing and invigorating benefits from a suspended inversion. When it came to the standing postures with the use of the fabric, I felt like I could get a bigger stretch in body that a regular Yoga practice hasn’t been able to do. I had complete control over how much stretch I wanted in my hip flexors. I also felt my core being actively used in each standing posture and inversion. By the end of class, I left feeling 3 inches taller! I could literally feel the decompression in my spine, and it felt amazing. I was “blissed out” and on cloud nine for the rest of the evening. Katya will open your world and your practice up to unimaginable heights!

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